Season 1 (2017)

Dr. Tom Sizmur

March 17, 2017

The worst pub quiz team in town recruits a monkey from the Amazon rainforest with a genius IQ and takes on all-comers.

Tom is Lecturer in Environmental Chemistry at the University of Reading

Dr. Jamie Samson

May 25, 2017

A trip to Rome for a rap battle between the Pope and Richard Dawkins. Mutant rodents rise up to defeat their human overlords.

Jamie is an Animal Behaviour Expert, Author and Science Communicator

Dr. Eva Feredoes

July 27, 2017

Mind-bending presidential wigs. Laser-guided flat caps. A remote-controlled golfer. And a fatal game of Call of Duty IX

Eva is a Cognitive Neuroscientist at the University of Reading

Dr. Peta Foster

September 21, 2017

British inventors take on the world but on a very tight budget. Angel investor that confides in her horse, Cletus. Lasers on stun!

Peta is a Plasma Physicist and Science Communicator

Marco Gorelli

November 24, 2017

What the world needs now is love, a Professor of Love. Can Vlad the Weird get a date? And if he can find love, then anyone can!

Marco is a mathematician who has studied at Oxford and Imperial College London

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