On The Road (2020-)

On The Road

January 01, 2020

The Free Radicals occasionally perform shows further afield.

Here are some of our adventures for your enjoyment!

Our adventures further afield

Andrea Gaxiola

February 22, 2020

The Free Radicals made a road trip to Bristol on 22 Feb 2020 to perform their long-form show at The Room Above.


Guest speaker is Andrea Gaxiola on the subject of Robotic Hydrogels!


The talk inspired the players to create a series of comedy sketches. We encounter a woman involved in a 70-year staring competition with her sentient jelly-bots; unloved waxworks at M. Tussaud's being turned into candles; and robots made from Angel Delight!

Andrea is a postgraduate researcher in hydrogels at the University of Bristol

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