Mark Stanley

July 19, 2018

Mark was guest speaker for our S2E7 show.


Mark is co-founder of The Things Network Reading a community-funded, free-to-use wireless data network across Reading, used by makers, artists, students and businesses for Internet of Things projects such as monitoring plant health and measuring the temperature on buses. .

Mark's talk inspired a magnificent improvised tale from the players.

Intrepid reporter, Laura Wan, discovers that the town of Reading is overrun with vermin and plagued by the smell of bad sewers thanks to its inept mayor.

She learns that the local geeks decide to "put the Internet in everything" to help solve the problem. But not before M. Night Shalayman decides to make a film about Reading starring Keanu Reeves, Alan Rickman and Sean Connery.

During casting, local boy Chris Three Philips O'Hanrahan (C3PO), is found to be able to talk to electronic devices and helps to restore order to the town.

It's all true. Probably.

Mark Stanley - Internet of Things expert and co-founder of The Things Network Reading

Wei Joo Ooi

June 19, 2018

Wei Joo was guest speaker for our S2E6 show.


As as expert in the Telecoms industry, learning about SMS messaging and all of its secrets, Wei Joo's talk touched on the rise and fall of SMS, a few of its idiosyncrasies and what really happens when you hit “Send”.

The troupe were inspired by the talk to weave a magical alternative universe. We were introduced to data-hoarding animals, Victorian-era sexting and the invention of the USB (universal squirrel bum) interface.

Wei Joo is a Telecomms expert with deep knowledge of the SMS protocol

Sohie Paul

May 26, 2018

Guest speaker for our May 18th show was Sophie Paul, chair of the Reading Hydro Project.

This community benefit society is planning to produce hydroelectric power by the weir on the Thames at Caversham Lock, using new tech based on old science.

Following her talk, the troupe revealed the secret Cult of Head lurking in the heart of the Community. Troubled couple Flo' and Charlie take them on. But not before the strange devil-creature Hagrid comes to power. Who can stop them?!

Sophie is the chair of the Reading Hydro Project

Claire Hall

April 19, 2018

Guest speaker for this show was Claire Hall, post-grad student of religious history at Oxford University.


She spoke on what science was like in ancient Greece and what separated it from other ways of knowing about the world, like philosophy and religion.


The players used her talk to reveal what really happens in certain fast food kitchens. And the search is on for a mystery killer who leaves post-it notes written in green ink inside the bodies of his victims.

Claire is a post-grad student of religious history at Oxford University.

Ian Gough

March 16, 2018

Guest speaker for the show was Ian Gough, green energy expert, talking about the wind turbine on Green Park in Reading.

The troupe had bags of fun with the content. Four Tesco carrier bags full of wind, to be exact.

We also had Captain Nefario. Scotty the terrier hides the secret turbine plans up his kiester. And James Bond struggles to compete with M's secret voices.

Ian is an expert in renewable energy. Visit for more info.

Dr. Georgios Giasemidis

February 16, 2018

Dr. Georgios Giasemidis was the guest speaker for S2E2 on February 16th.

Georgios gave us a bootcamp on quantum gravity which was an awesome topic for the troupe to work with.

The audience were exposed to Love - the 17th dimension, white and brown holes, and Philippa's love nest with the Space Prince.

Georgios is a theoretical physicist specilasing in quantum gravity

Liam Shaw

January 19, 2018

Liam Shaw was the guest speaker for S2E1 on January 19th.

Liam, a computational biologist, gave a fascinating talk on the human biome which the troupe really had fun with.

We had bacteria boot camp, a toe jam session and the Great Egg Race 2018*

*  R.I.P. Heinz Wolff

Liam is studying for a PhD in Computational Biology at UCL

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